We’re taking a break!!

It’s been a while since I logged on to write anything on this page, partly due to some exciting new projects I’ve been working on, and partly because a few months ago the world got turned upside down.

I was HOPING to continue with monthly posts but a few things got in the way, so this is a note to say that Hardly a Globetrotter will be taking a (small) break while I focus on a few other projects that currently need my attention.

For at least 2 years I have wanted to start a podcast, because I like the sound of my own voice, amongst other reasons. In January I launched, in a very low key manner, a bilingual podcast aimed at travellers and travel enthusiasts. The episodes are in Spanish and English and I’m currently interviewing some amazing, crazy and ridiculous people from all over the world about their travels.

I fully intend to revisit this page in the near future, but in the meantime if you’ve enjoyed these posts, check out Trippista: The Spanglish Podcast, available on SoundCloud. Give us a follow on Instagram too if you like (trippistapodcast).

Big love and thank yous to anyone who has read these posts over the past couple of years! I hope you enjoy my audio as much as my written word!

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