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Last year, I compiled a list of some of the scariest things that had happened to me while I was travelling, because HALLOWEEN. I’ve been a little quiet over the last month/six weeks due to travelling/my little sister’s wedding/various work things, but I thought it would be good to resurrect this post, like a zombie. Halloween is still my favourite holiday and, even though right now it’s hot and sunny in my corner of Spain and it doesn’t really feel like it’s Halloween, I’m going to try and get my creepy on. So here are some more scary things that have happened to me while travelling:

5. Getting pulled over by the cops (age 10) on Route 66

I wish this story was made up, but nope. My first trip to the USA to visit my mum’s former stomping ground (she’s British but lived in the Midwest for a while) involved a good old fashioned Route 66 road trip. There were a lot of us, so we divided ourselves into two cars. My sister, who was eight at the time, somehow ended up driving the second car, steering while my mum’s friend controlled the pedals. Despite being on the loneliest stretch of road in the entire United States, we got pulled over by the police. No joke. Not because an eight year old was driving, you understand. Nope. It was because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. I’m still unsure as to whether they thought she was a little person, or whether children driving is a normality in Kansas, but nevertheless, still a scary moment getting pulled over for the first time aged 10. Scarier for my mum’s friend, the owner of the car, who was fined A LOT of money (for the seatbelt violation, not the underage driver).

4. Getting abandoned by my friends in a haunted house
I don’t know why I even bother going back to America, honestly. I’ve mentioned before in this blog my time spent in Virginia as a teenager, and one of the best days of my life to date involved a Halloween trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, to eat weird sugary treats then throw them all up on rollecoasters. It was HEAVEN. However, what my friends had neglected to tell me was that at night, during Halloween week, the theme park turned into a FUCKING NIGHTMARE. I’m talking haunted rides, people jumping out at you from all angles, creepy music, the works. I’ve already recounted the story of how, during this night, I roundhouse-kicked a werewolf in the face, but later on that night, my friends LEFT ME in a haunted maze. In a fit of blind panic, rather than be rational and look for the exits, I SAT DOWN ON THE FLOOR while a group of terrifying aspiring actors dressed as horror figures closed in on me. I genuinely blacked out and I can’t remember how I got out of it.

3. Being mistaken for a homeless person and almost getting arrested (again) in Italy
When a former boyfriend briefly lived and worked in Padova, Italy, I took regular trips to visit him, because PASTA. Because I was 23 and broke, I would buy the cheapest, comically-timed flights that Ryanair had to offer. After a 6am flight and several wonky buses, I arrived in Padova only to find that my boyfriend was stuck in work and I’d have to amuse myself. I was exhausted and promptly fell asleep in a church doorway. I was woken up by an old man and two police officers an hour later and had to explain, in terrible Italian, that I was not homeless, just sleepy. They let me go eventually and I went off in search of pasta.

2. My existential crisis in Croatia
This was more worrying than scary. At 26 I had my quarter life crisis on top of a hill in Split, Croatia, during a holiday with my best friends. The worrying bit was re-evaluating my entire life, drunk as a skunk, with only a random American for company. The scary bit was getting chased down a mountain by an old man who may or may not have been a ghost. The rest of it was actually pretty fun. Special mention to one of my friends who had her own scary moment when, during a rest stop on our bike ride, she was rounded up onto a bus full of tourists from India-despite the fact she is Nigerian and clearly wasn’t part of the group. Check yourself, Croatia.

1.Getting abandoned MULTIPLE TIMES by my parents in haunted houses (ongoing)

It’s like a family joke, I’m convinced. We went on a lot of mini holidays around the UK when I was little, mainly because we were a bit broke. Nevertheless, these trips were always great fun. Until my family started ABANDONING me in scary places. It happened in the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussaud’s – arguably not the scariest place in the world due to all the tourists, but if you’re as big of a wimp as me then it it’s no fun. It also happened at Warwick Castle during a live ‘ghosts’ experience where an actor literally APPEARED FROM OUT OF A WALL. Every time this stuff happens my family conveniently disappear to look at something else (and laugh at me from a distance). It is TERRIFYING.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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