Capsule wardrobe for Christmas hols, or, do you really need seven bras what’s wrong with you

DISCLAIMER-I AM NOT A FASHION BLOGGER. Therefore if, in the forthcoming post, I accidentally match the wrong shade of beige to the wrong shade of something else, I really couldn’t give a flying fuck. OK, now that’s out of the way, I’m going to attempt a vaguely fashion-based blog post.

Something I always panic about when I travel is having enough to wear and having appropriate items to wear on any given trip. I’m the type of person who gets bored very easily and if I haven’t planned in advance, I end up buying 354 new items and then wondering why I’m being charged an extra 50 Euro for baggage (Ryanair I’m looking at you).

This year, I’m trying to approach packing with a little more patience and sanity, and am attempting a capsule wardrobe to maximise use of each item and minimise space. Here, without further ado, is my personal winter capsule wardrobe plan. NB this is for a two-week trip to the UK, so depending on destination and climate, you may have to amend yours accordingly.

No jokes at the back, please. I try to go for 3x bottoms, usually trousers because they’re more versatile and I like to manspread when I sit on trains, which is difficult to do in a skirt.

These are my all-time favourite mom jeans, from Zara. Simple, functional and they go with literally EVERYTHING. They are also very comfortable for my upcoming Christmas food baby.

I’m a fully paid up member of the skinny jeans club, and these, believe it or not, are from Primark. They fit really well and the medium-blue denim shade means they pair up really well with a multitude of colours.

No, I haven’t gone full backpacker, but these harem pants (really, fashion industry, you haven’t found a more PC name for them yet?) from H&M are SO comfortable for travelling and surprisingly flattering. I tend to wear them high on the waist but they work just as well worn low on the hips with a looser fitting top if you want to pretend you just found yourself on a beach in Thailand.

A must if you’re going to the UK because it’s cold AF.

Simple, super versatile, and absolutely necessary for UK temperatures, these vests go under anything. The black one is from Zara, the red one is from Lefties

I try to keep to a simplified colour palette for my tshirts because they’ll most likely be buried under 50 layers of wool anyway.

I usually bring 1-2x white and grey tshirts because they go with EVERYTHING. This is an H&M staple.

This year I’m also bringing a couple of slogan tees because I like to make a statement. One says ‘written and directed by Quentin Tarantino’ and the other says ‘Oedipus: the original mother fucker’.

This is actually a loose-fitting crop top but it’s so comfy and it goes with all my bottoms. Works layered under jumpers or alone with high-waist skinnies. Zara again!

I like to commit to a couple of jumpers in interesting colours because I tend to go neutral on the bottom. NB, this does not include my obligatory ugly Christmas sweater, purchased from Topshop Mens a few years ago and featuring a gangsta Father Christmas.

I dropped coffee down this sweater a few months ago and the stain has never really come out but whatever. I love this jumper. H&M circa 2016.

OK, not strictly colourful but this sweater is comfy, it goes with everything and again is very comfy for your Christmas food baby. Or real baby, if you’re harbouring an immaculate conception.


When I was younger I decided camel was for old people and camels. Then I turned 25 and changed my mind, I now love camel shades in winter. This jumper is my new favourite, picked up from New Look the last time I was in the UK.

I get bored easily with jackets so I normally bring two. Or ten.

I love a denim jacket and this slightly distressed number from Stadivarius is comfy and fun to wear. I bought it slightly oversized, to fit extra jumpers underneath.

This is the most extra coat I’ve ever owned and I LOVE it. Zara again, surprise surprise. It’s not particularly warm and the suede-y fabric means a downpour could destroy my dreams, but nevertheless, I’ll be wearing this while wandering around Central London in a giant pair of sunglasses.


I tend to get carried away with accessories so I’m settling for this big statement scarf with a mixture of tan, grey and blue shades. While I own about 500 hats, this one adds a cool pop of blue to outfits paired with my denim jacket.

I own so many pairs of sneakers that there is a wardrobe in my parents’ home dedicated to them and, whenever I visit home, I tend to swap them out.

These limited edition Cherry Blossom Nike Cortez combine the classic Cortez shape with a very cool print. If I could wear Cortez every day, I would. I wear these with everything but, because of the pink and purple undertones, they go best with my denim pieces.

47F07176-E23B-4051-B307-8AB756BD9B07 0AD01F04-5569-40A1-B634-4DC2AEB7232E
I bought these (also limited edition) Stan Smiths in Ovella Negra, Madrid because the sales assistant was cute. But I love them – the print on the back is super eye-catching and I love the gold Stan Smith label. These go great with my orange coat amongst other things.

These Converse aren’t my favourite shape – I prefer the standard low tops and these are a little soccer mom for my taste- but the neutral colour means they work well with everything. I wear these to work a lot and they’re good for travelling!

You never know when you’re going to get dragged out to a party and, while my party uniform typically consists of a crop top and high waisted skinnies, it’s nice to dress
it up once in a while.

Calling all taller ballers. Shop our missguided tall range, for babes 5'7" and over. Black bodycon mini dress with silver glitter details, round neck and long sleeves
NB this is not me, I borrowed this pic from the website. I bought this dress for a work Christmas party two years ago and immediately turned into Beyonce. It works well dressed up with killer heels, or dressed down with a denim  jacket, beanie hat and sneakers.

I’m fairly minimal on jewellery (my tattoos are my jewellery) but I bring one or two pieces. Other than that, remaining space this year is for toiletries and tech
(for info on beauty products I use, check out one of my previous posts).

I’ll be throwing it all into my backpack and this Converse barrel bag which, while
not the most practical, looks awesome.

And that’s it! It may not be 22 pieces but it’s simple, functional and more importantly, I will look moderately fabulous for every occasion. Happy travels everyone!

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